2014 Quneitra Offensive: Draft visuals of an aborted project

This post consists of three draft visuals. They were part of a project investigating the events taking place in Quneitra – southern Syria, next to the Israeli-occupied Golan, and within the UNDOF area of operation. It was centered mainly on the 2014 offensive, that culminated in Syrian rebels capturing the abandoned city of Quneitra, as well the Quneitra Crossing.

This research was initiated by Emily Dische-Becker, and the work was done in Spring 2015. Due to several reasons, this project couldn’t proceed. However, a substantial amount of materials was collected, and several draft visuals were produced.

I decided to publish three of the draft visuals (please click on the images for a larger view.)

The first draft shows the progress of the battle to capture the Quneitra Crossing, on August 27, 2014. Most of the work was based on video comparison. Stills from the videos are shown at the bottom of the visual. The panoramic view is a compilation of several photos taken by Emily Dische-Becker.


The second draft, on a background of a satellite image of the area, shows the locations appearing in Jabhat al-Nusra videos, as well, a timeline of the flags raised on the crossing from the Syrian side.


The third draft is a list of the main opposition armed groups, and coalitions, in southern Syria, around the time of the research (Spring 2015.)


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