The Great Lebanese

On 28 June 2011, the Lebanese Ministry of Telecm [sic] celebrated “the issuance of commermoratingpostal [i’ll stop sic-ing] stamps for Lebanese celebrities: Brothers Basbous, actor Hassan AlaaddinShoushou, poet Said Akl, Sabah, Fairouz, folk dance group Caracalla, actor NabihAbulHussn, Wadih El Safi .” the_great_lebaneseThe “Cradle of the Alphabet” was one of the commermorated Lebanese celebrities, the Natural Reserve of Ehden was another.
For some unknown reasons, Wadih al-Safi’s stamp was given a higher value than the rest. Al-Safi stands at 2000 LBP, while Sabah is worth 1750 LBP, and Feyrouz ended up with 1500 LBP … still, she fared better than the poor Ehden Reserve with a mere 750 LBP.
Lebanonstamp4However, the Ministry of Telecm failed to remember The Great Lebanese: the cultivation of hashish. So this blog decided to celebrate and commemorate the plant and the men and women cultivating it, and that by issuing this 2750 LBP stamp (i.e. equal to Wadih el-Safi + Ehden, or = Sabah + 1/2 Wadih el-Safi)

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