"and the evidence is in their homes," or the rise of stupid propaganda

As level of atrocities in Syria increases, so does silly and stupid propaganda.

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution i spent some time unveiling false or altered photos and videos (either published by the pro-regime or by pro-opposition). Unfortunately, i didn’t document this work of “debunking,” nor other researches i conducted on Syria. So i guess this video can be the occasion the start publishing a short posts serie related to Syria.

Under the title of “Plans of the regime to establish an Alawite State in the Sahel, and the evidence is in their homes”, a video is circulating on the net, stamped with the logo of Katibat Jund Allah, purportedly demonstrating these plans.  The video posted on August 20, 2013 exhibit property rights documents with the words Dawlat al-Alawiyin (The State of Alawites) in the header. Obviously these documents are at least 80 years old, from the days of the French mandate’s Alawite State, and this can be easily identified by the stamps (at 0:49).

Moreover when i confronted two twitter activists with this fact, the answers were to assert that as it was in the past, it will be in the future: Alawites want their own state.



The Assad regime might be planning for such state, but this video does not prove it. It proves something else, that for a significant number of activists, facts are not important, perception is what matters.


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