Peruvian dream II

Ants keep on committing suicide in my electric kettle.
I don’t know why I keep on comparing them to Ethiopian or Filipino maids’ suicides all over Lebanon.
And I keep on wondering if, similar to Filipino maids jumping from the 5th or 6th floor, wearing all their clothes or hugging teddy bears to soften their fall, on their escape route, “my” ants are using the electric kettle as an exit tool from “my” house, “my” city, a passage way to a different world, to a different realm.
Dreams of evasion, that’s what characterize this place.
I received an email from Peru asking of my dreams…
I stopped dreaming.
I guess I don’t dare to dream.
I lost my teddy bear.

I’m not a cloud anymore.
Now I have one of those 5 years plans.


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