Ice cubes

Today i kicked a bus ….

It was my first bus-kick.

Not only i felt integrated in this society, more over an active member of it.

It all started when the bus driver decided to stop the bus 1 km short of my destination, and the reason: traffic jam.

I was the only “client” left in the bus and committed the mistake of paying him in advance.

No argument can change his mind, i also dialed 112 (sure the policeman was laughing at me.)

So … after shouting at each other, swearing, bringing down vaginas, mothers, sisters, god …

I stepped out of the bus and kicked it.

p.s. My big toe is hurting a lot and not long ago i fainted in the kitchen, now I’m searching for some painkillers.


Lug wrench: the weapon of choice of bus/taxi drivers in Lebanon.


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